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About Us

Welcome to Lifeby

We're dedicated to providing you the best of Women's Clothing, with a focus on dependability.

We believed that traditional retail was either too mass or too limited, struggled to consistently provide on-trend merchandise, and was failing to connect with younger consumers.

Lifeby was created to offer a scaled, one-stop destination for youthful, aspirational consumers.

We believe that our model, which is more targeted than department stores or mass market online retailers, and provides a greater selection than specialty retailers, allows us to more effectively serve consumers.

With quality, reliability and unbeatable solutions we offer the best customer support assistance to maintain the value of our service that our clients count on.

Our Supply Chain

At Lifeby, we partner with suppliers and vendors who share our high ethical standards and commitment regarding social responsibility, fair labor practices and safety of workers across our supply chain.

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No. 21 Xiamen Road, HuaiAn Economic Development Zone, HuaiAn City, Jiangsu Province, China